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*** “Consultation in Renewable Energy Applications and Energy Audits for Industries available”. ***
About Us :

PRINCE group was started by Prof. Ajay Chandak, who is M.Tech. in mechanical engineering from I.I.T. Powai, Mumbai and working in the area of non conventional energy. He is supported by many like minded friends, technocrats, students and volunteers.

PRINCE (Promoters and Researchers In Non - Conventional Energy) is a volunteer-based group dedicated to creating a better world for everyone through the use of renewable energy. We believe that protecting and enhancing the environment is possible only through using non-conventional energy sources. We are based in Dhule, Maharashtra, India and work in association with the local NGO Jankibai Trust.

Since 2008 we have started working under NGO, Suman Foundation.

PRINCE's scope includes all technologies and activities that facilitate sustainable development. Given current resources available, we specialize in solar energy, bio-gas, vermicomposting, tree planting and energy conservation. Our current projects are:

  1. Designing, manufacturing and testing solar thermal devices. These include solar cookers and solar steam systems, solar vegetable dehydrators and solar water heaters for domestic and community applications. Work is focused on making these technologies affordable and accessible to people of all economic levels.

  2. Promoting solar cookers and other solar powered devices through public demonstrations, solar canteens, and street shows.

  3. Providing entrepreneurs free training in manufacturing solar devices.

  4. Promoting other renewable technologies including bio-gas, vermicomposting, micro-hydel power plants, pedal power, and other non-conventional energy sources.

  5. Extending free consultation to all social organizations for use of non-conventional energy.

  6. Educating people on energy conservation.

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