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Appeal :

Donate Solar Cookers to Charity of Your Choice :

PRINCE is receiving demands for donation of Solar gadgets from many social and charitable organisations. List of few organisations and their requirement with budget is given herewith. You may donate the solar gadgets of your interest and budget to organisations or individuals of your choice. Manufacturer members of PRINCE make these solar gadgets for donation available at no profit no loss basis. (Other organisations who wish to display their request for donation should contact PRINCE).

  1. Matoshri Vridhashram, Dhule:
    As no government funds available for this organisation it has to meet its expenditure from public donations and income from beneficiaries. Capacity of the organisation is to house 200 aged people. As most of the beneficiaries come from very poor class managing even the daily expenditure is a difficult task. Solar cooker can save their fuel expenditure. One community solar cooker donated by Khandelwal family and PRINCE is already in use since last 8 months and few more are needed. Current requirement are
    • Two parabolic community cookers: Rs. 28000/- each.
    • Two Scheffler Community Cookers: Rs. 85000/- each.
    • Solar Water Heater of 1500 LPD capacity. : Rs. 140000/- (Smaller installments in multiple of Rs. 15000/- can be acceptable

  2. Aapla Ghar, at Naldurga, Dist. Solapur:
    Most of the Students residing in the campus are victims of earthquake in Latur district of Maharashtra. Approx. 150 students are residing in the organisation. Current requirements are:
    • Two parabolic community cookers: Rs. 28000/- each.
    • Two Scheffler Community Cookers: Rs. 85000/- each.
    • Solar Water Heater of 1000 LPD capacity. : Rs. 950000/- (Smaller installments in multiple of Rs. 15000/- can be acceptable

  3. Kamalabai Ajmera Anath Balikashram, Dhule:
    Girls below 16 years of age who have lost their one or both the parents are residing in this charitable organisation. More than 300 girls are residing in this Institute. Current requirements are:
    • Five Scheffler Community Cookers: Rs. 85000/- each.
    • Solar Water Heater of 2000 LPD capacity: Rs. 190000/- (Smaller installments in multiple of Rs. 15000/- can be acceptable.

  4. Tribal Schools and Jeevanshalas in Narmada Valley:
    Many Tribal Schools and Jeevanshalas run by Govt. and many other NGOs in Narmada valley use firewood as a main source of fuel. Many of them do not have access to other fuels. Solar cookers in these areas can save lot of firewood. There are more than 20 such schools who are willing to use solar cookers. Current requirements are:
    • Parabolic community cookers( Any no. up to 50): Rs. 28000/- each.
    • Scheffler Community Cookers(Any no. up to 50): Rs. 85000/- each.

Others can donate Rs. 6000/- for individual users.

Donate a solar cooker Save two trees per year

In developing countries like India there is a division in urban and rural lifestyles. There is little awareness of non-conventional energy devices such as solar cookers and bio-gas systems in either urban and rural settings. The capital cost of solar cooking systems like the domestic parabolic dish cooker (Rs. 6000/-) is affordable to people in urban areas but they often lack space for the solar cookers and time to cook with them. While in rural areas people have both time and space, they cannot afford even Rs. 6000/-. Firewood remains the main source of fuel in rural India which is most damaging to the environment. PRINCE proposes to conduct training in rural areas on using the solar cookers and wishes to make the cookers more accessible to rural people.

We appeal to all those concerned with the environment to donate generously that in rural areas the cost of the cookers can be subsidized through PRINCE's manufacturer members. We hope to charge the beneficiary at least Rs. 500/- and the remainder of the cost can be covered by donations. Donors can choose their own beneficiaries such as underprivileged individuals, social organizations or old age homes, or ask PRINCE to select the beneficiaries.

When you donate one solar cooker you save two full-grown trees per year.

Please make all donations payable to "Suman Foundation", Dhule and send to the following address:

Prof. Ajay Chandak
PRINCE (Promoters and Researchers In Non - Conventional Energy)
Suman Foundation, Shamgiri, Agra Road, Deopur,
DHULE : 424 005.
Maharashtra, INDIA.
Tel: 91 2562 271795
MB: +91 9823033344
E-mail :- contact@princeindia.org

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