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*** “Consultation in Renewable Energy Applications and Energy Audits for Industries available”. ***

Appeal for Corporate and Investors :

Opportunities for Corporate and Investors :-

PRINCE has developed few industrial solar concentrators and energy saving appliances, which have great potential for commercialization and industrial applications. PRINCE members hold the intellectual property rights in this regard.

PRINCE is looking for prospective industry sponsors who wish to invest in the development and commercialization of these products. PRINCE will share the benefits with the investors as per mutually agreed terms. Commercial Inquiries are most welcome. Following projects are available for commercialization.

  1. Parabolic trough concentrator rotatable about polar axis :

  2. Multiple parabolic dish concentrators rotatable about polar axis:

    SALIENT FEATURES for above both these projects:
    • Expected cost of the system after commercialization is Rs. 10000/- to Rs. 15000/- per KW, installation.

    • Payback period expected less than 2 years.
    • Excellent system for Air Ovens requiring medium temp. 1000C to 2000C
    • System can be recommended to all industrial applications requiring medium temperature. Low-pressure steam generation and heat transfer to convenient location through thermic fluid for process heat application is possible through installation of solar system on rooftop.
    • Intellectual property status: Patent pending, Prof. Ajay Chandak.

  3. Multistage Water Distillation system:

    • This innovative system gives more than 3 times the distillate by using the same quantum of energy in conventional electrical distillers.
    • Payback period expected less than 1 year.
    • Any heat source like solar concentrator, electrical, LPG, biomass, biogas etc. can be used.
    • Modular and convenient design.

  4. Low cost built in water heater:

    • Recent addition to the invention.
    • Excellent cost saving technology.
    • Suitable for hard water application.
    • Cost Less than Rs. 7000/- for 125 LPD capacity.



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