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*** “Consultation in Renewable Energy Applications and Energy Audits for Industries available”. ***

Research Projects :

PRINCE members have developed few technologies for industrial and domestic applications. We invite corporate and organisations for commercialization and application of these technologies. Till date PRINCE members have four patent applications pending.

  1. Industrial Solar Concentrator.
  2. Parabolic Trough Collector.
  3. Low cost built in Solar Water Heater.
  4. Solar Distillation System.
  5. Liquid plate Solar Water Heater.
  6. Multireflector Solar Box Cooker.
  7. Hybrid Solar Cooker.
  8. Solar Refrigeration System.
  9. Low Cost Built In Solar Water Heater




  1. Industrial Solar Concentrator.

    Parabolic Solar Concentrator for Industrial Heating:

    This invention of Prof. Ajay Chandak has the potential to revolutionize the use of solar thermal application in India. PRINCE invites proposals from Industry & research organisation for commercialization of the new Parabolic Solar Concentrator.
    The photograph shows only two concentrators to explain the concept while actually three to five concentrators will be used in field depending on site conditions.. In the inset the focus on the receiver is shown

    Salient features of the new system are:

    • Multiple reflectors with square shape in plan.
    • Compact design as the shape is switched over to square than round.
    • 100% aperture area available round the year. (Established Scheffler Technology gives approximately 60% average aperture area.)
    • Single axis fixed speed daily automatic tracking eliminates need of sensors and complicated hardware. Tracking system is easy to operate and maintain. Seasonal tracking is manual to be set once in 3-4 days.
    • Photograph shows two reflectors of 6.25 sqm each delivering 2000 to 2500 Watts per reflector. Trials on higher sizes of 10 sqm and 15 sqm square and rectangular dishes are to be conducted before standardization.
    • Expected cost of this system installation after commercialization is around Rs. 15000/- per kW installation with payback period of less than 30 months without subsidies. This is very comfortable for Industries.
    • Performance : For air working temp. of 250 degree centigrade is comfortably achieved. Max. temp. attained for air is about 400 degree centigrade. Thermic fluid can be comfortably used with second stage heat exchanger for steam generation.
    • Patent application pending. Intellectual property rights with Prof. Ajay Chandak





  2. Parabolic Trough Collector Rotatable About Polar Axis :

    Salient Features :
    • Cylindrical reflector rotates about the polar axis. This permits fixed speed, single axis tracking.
    • Manufacturing cylindrical shape is much easier than dish shape.
    • Average aperture area utilization is @ 95%. This is much higher than Scheffler systems, which is @ 65%
    • Cost effective system.

    Current status :

    • Prototype tested. Commercialization is in process. We are looking forward to research Institutes and corporate to get associated with us for commercialization.
    • Intellectual Property Status: Patent Pending. Prof. Ajay G. Chandak.

    Applications :

    • Steam generation.
    • Air heaters and ovens.
    • Thermic fluid heating applications.
    • Community cooking.
    • All industrial low and medium temperature applications.

  3. Low cost built in Solar Water Heater :-
    A new solar heating system designed by Prof. Ajay Chandak is under test. The results are expected within 3-4 weeks. This is a low cost system and will be very suitable for hard water application.
    STATUS: Patent Pending.


  4. Multistage Solar Distillation System:

    Water distillation uses lot of energy for steaming of water and the same amount of energy is rejected to the atmosphere for getting distillate. The multistage distiller proposed in the project uses the heat rejected during condensation of steam for boiling of water in the second stage. Similarly the heat rejected in second stage is used in the third stage and so on. Same quantum of energy used gives 3 to 4 times more output in this multistage distillation system.
    Solar concentrators, parabolic dish/trough can be used as a source. Heat source other than solar can also be used for backup.

    Commercialisation of the project in process. Industries interested in collaborating for further developmental work are most welcome.

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