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*** “Consultation in Renewable Energy Applications and Energy Audits for Industries available”. ***

PRINCE has designed a special course "BE A SOLAR ENTREPRENEUR".

The course includes lectures and presentations on entrepreneurship motivation, theory of solar energy utilization, alternatives, details of manufacturing of parabolic cookers and water heaters, material procurement and marketing aspects, procedure for testing solar equipment, registration process with MEDA and Ministry of Non Conventional Energy Sources, Subsidies and financial benefits, systems for financial calculations, Incentives from Govt., banks, IREDA etc. to users and Industry etc. Introduction to other non conventional alternatives like biogas, biomass and their commercial exploitation. Entrepreneurship opportunities in energy alternatives.

The course gives insight into the huge untapped entrepreneur potential in non conventional energy.

PRINCE provides all the backup support for the to be entrepreneur in this field from concept to completion. The intention of the course is to generate employment for technocrats and serve this mother earth through use of eco-friendly technology.

Course duration is flexible and minimum duration for the course is 2 days.

Participants: Anybody who can read and write. People with background for fabrication or workshop work will be benefited more. People with technical background can have larger perspective and product range.

Engineering Institutes, Polytechnics, Science colleges, I.T.I.s, organizations working in the area of sustainable development, NGOs can organize this course.

Opportunity for new Enterpreneur :

Concentrators as above do have a great potential for commercialization and industrial applications. Expected capital investment is from Rs. 10000/- to Rs. 15000/- per KW of installed capacity. This way the payback period of the system will be less than 2 years and in some cases within a year.

PRINCE is looking for prospective industry sponsors who wish to invest in the development and commercialization of these products. PRINCE will share the benefits with the investors as per mutually agreed terms. Inquiries for industrial applications are most welcome.

For details Contact: Prof. Ajay Chandak, chandakvg@sancharnet.in



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