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All that exist was born from the Sun - ' Rig Veda ' :-
Indians worship Sun as a God. Throughout India there are temples devoted to the Sun God. The most famous of these is the Sun temple in Orissa.

For HEALTH: Solar cooking is not new for Indians. The ancient vaidic literature as well as modern research agree on the huge health benefits achieved through solar cooked food.

Sun cooked food improves cellular health and longevity of life. It strengthens health and mind removes three major physical disorders to do with digestion, blood and respiratory system, balances inner body temperatures, life, glows aura and keeps various obstacles away. Sun cooked food has great medicinal value. It enhances intellect, genius. : ' Rig Veda'.

'Akshaya Patra' (cooking appliance) in Maharabharata was probably the first solar cooker, which was used by the learned people of those times.

Thousands of years ago. Shradul muni observed, "Food cooked by sun is great."

Solar cooked food is full of cosmic energies ( life forces) which keeps one healthy and free from mental tensions .

Food cooked by solar heat is lovely in appearance, aroma, flavor, and taste. It is ultimate medicine (Amrita) for manly vigor and glorious skin complexion without doubt.: 'Yagyavalk Smriti'.


  • It may not be what you eat, but how you cook it, that affects whether food causes heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Foods cooked on high temperature flames like cooking gas, microwave etc. releases AGE's (Advanced Glycation End products). These AGE's are associated with Heart disease, Diabetes and Cancer. Solar cooked food (Cooked at temperature less than 2500 C ) does not release AGE's.
  • Solar Cooked food preserves most of the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Antioxidants protects from Cancer.
  • Boiling and Steaming type of food diet protects from most of the diseases as compared to - frying, grilling and microwaving.
  • Burning any fuel like cooking gas, kerosene, wood etc. releases gases like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and nitrous oxide. Intake of these gases for long duration is a cause of major diseases.
  • Solar cooked food is easily digestible. It gradually relieves stomach disorder, constipation, gastric trouble and acidity.
  • Solar Cooking improves the taste of the food to a very large extent.

REFERENCES: Blaine P. Friedlander Jr. Sweden, Researchers at School of Medicine, New York, Dr. Vlassara, National Academy of Sciences, proceedings from World Conference of Advances in Solar Cooking and The Times of India (14th Nov. 2002).

Why Solar Food? :

  • Solar cooking do not burn any fuel and is one of the most eco-friendly option.
  • All other fuels like wood, coal, kerosene, cooking gas generate Carbon dioxide, Carbon monoxide and nitrous oxide severely responsible for pollution.
  • CO2 is a major green house gas responsible for global warming.
  • In rural areas saving firewood means saving trees. One family consumes 2 trees in the form of firewood in a year. If solar cookers are used then 2 trees per solar cooker can be saved. Solar cooking can help in preserving the fast diminishing forests.

Why Solar Food ? :
One can save up to one cooking gas per year by proper utilization of solar cooker and recover the cost within one year. Even moderate users recover the cost of the solar cooker within 2 years.

Why Solar Food? :
For the NATION:

  • India imports its major amount of oil produces. Solar cooking saves kerosene, cooking gas and in turn save foreign exchange.
  • Solar cooking preserve forests by saving firewood. This is must for national development.
  • Adoption of solar cooking technology will generate many employment opportunities.
  • Adoption of Solar and other renewable technologies will help India to achieve self-sufficiency in Energy.

Many people in India have seen or used solar box cookers also called as ovens. Now a days there are many more solar cooking appliances to choose from depending on one's need, interest and budget. Please go through the link New Solar Products to choose the solar appliances of your taste.



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