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Few years back only option available for solar cooking was box cookers. Now with the technological upgradation many more options are available. Some of these options are discussed below. There is one solar system for everyone to suit his/her needs.

1. Domestic Parabolic dish Cooker :

  • CAPACITY: Up to family of 10 persons.
  • COOKING TIME: @ 25 minutes for one pressure cooker of Rice, Dal and vegetables.
  • Cost: Subsidised cost @ Rs. 2700/- to Rs. 3200/-
  • Best Quality Imported German Reflectors with more than 5 years reflective life. Frame, Powder coated.
  • No glass parts, no breakage, no maintenance.
  • Life of the system: Total system minimum 10 years, reflectors min. 5 years.
  • Capabilities: Can boil, steam, fry, bake and even roast food. Almost all Indian dishes are possible.
    However for frying and roti making one has to stand in sun.
  • Payback period: Less than 2 years.


2. Community size Parabolic dish Cooker :

  • CAPACITY: 40 to 50 persons.
  • COST: Subsidized cost @ Rs. 13000/-
  • Other features are same as that of Domestic system.
  • Very suitable for community cooking at Vridhashrams, Ashramshalas, Hotels, Hostels, agricultural and industrial heating applications.
  • Payback period: Less than 2 years.

3. Solar Box Cookers:

  • CAPACITY: Up to family of 5 persons.
  • COOKING TIME: 1 to 2.5 hours. Cooker need to be set to face the sun 2-3 times for one cooking.
  • Cost: Rs. 1500/- to Rs. 2500/-
  • Taste and quality of food is excellent.
  • Because of Glass and mirrors possibility of breakage.
  • Life of the system: @ 5 years.
  • Capabilities: Can boil, steam & bake. Frying, roti making is not possible.
  • Payback period: Less than 5 years.



4. Scheffler Community Dish Cooker:

  • Bring Sun in Kitchen Technology. Reflector is outside the house while the focus is inside the house. Its almost like cooking on cooking gas.
  • Cooking Temp. of 400 0C is achievable. Hence any cooking application is possible in the kitchen itself.
  • CAPACITY: For 50 people.
  • COST : Subsidized cost @ Rs. 40000/-
  • Specific kitchen orientation and semiskilled operator is required for operation and maintenance.
  • Life of System: Reflector life min. 5 years, System life min. 15 years.


5. Community Steam Cooking System:

  • Steam is manufactured at the rooftop and transported to kitchen through insulated pipes.
  • Cooking is done in special vessels on steam.
  • CAPACITY: System can be designed for any capacity. India enjoys the privilege to have the world's largest solar cooking system at Tirupati cooking 30000 meals a day.
  • COST : Depends on location and size of system. 50% subsidy can be available from MNES. Nromally payback period is @ 5 years. Skilled operator required for operation and maintenance.
  • Life of System: Reflector life min. 5 years, System life min. 20 years.
  • CAPABILITIES: Only boiling and steaming is possible.


  • Solar Water Heaters.
  • Solar Vegetable Dryers.
  • Solar Air Heaters.
  • Solar Industrial Dryers.
  • Solar water distillation plants.
  • Solar sterilizers.
  • Solar heaters for Industrial process heat applications.


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