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*** “Consultation in Renewable Energy Applications and Energy Audits for Industries available”. ***

Student Project :

PROJECTS FOR Final Year Engineering, Polytechnic, M.Sc. students:

PRINCE offers and extends all help for executing projects in the areas of non conventional energy and energy saving appliances. Following projects are available at present.

  1. Parabolic concentrators based solar cookers for domestic and community applications.
  2. Low cost solar water heaters.
  3. Performance evaluation of different design of solar cookers.
  4. Solar Tracking system.
  5. Solar air oven.
  6. Solar vegetable dryer.
  7. Solar Air heater.
  8. Solar thermic fluid heating system.
  9. Solar distillation system.
  10. Solar water pasteurization.
  11. Biogas generation for domestic utilization from urban waste.
  12. Energy alternative from waste fuels.
  13. Exercising bicycle cum power generator.
  14. Battery operated cycle.
  15. Different designs of solar concentrators.
  16. Biogas based power generation.

Many more similar projects can be offered to interested students and researchers.

Contact: Prof. Ajay Chandak, contact@princeindia.org

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