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*** “Consultation in Renewable Energy Applications and Energy Audits for Industries available”. ***


Dear Solar friend,

We presume that you are using some solar gadgets, if not start using it right now. If you need to select some, we are here to help you. Start at least with parabolic cookers or solar water heaters or both. You are saving money for yourself as well as serving this mother earth by adopting ecofriendly technology. Please do not restrict the use of solar energy to yourself but spread the message to all your friends and relatives. What's more, we offer you attractive prizes and awards for the promotion of solar technology.

As a part of promotional programme PRINCE is announcing this "SURYA-MITRA AWARD" from year 2004. The prize contains the solar gadgets worth more than Rs. 5000/- and certificate of honor. You just need to inform us regarding participation in the contest by email or surface mail.


As you are enjoying the fruits of this free solar energy try to spread the message to your friends and relatives and all the people you know. Convince them to use the solar technology. Share your experience, demonstrate the solar gadgets you are using, take some promotional programmes in your areas. Generate awareness through dialogs, demonstrations, campaigning, road shows or demonstrations at social functions etc. Please call PRINCE if you need any help in organizing such programme. As you convince others for using the solar products, inform us. We will award carbon credits to you. Person scoring maximum carbon credit will get the "SURYA-MITRA AWARD".
You can take credit for the equipment you are already using.

Rules & Regulations for the award:

  1. Organisers, manufacturers and traders of solar equipments and their family members cannot participate in the contest.
  2. Participants need to promote solar technology by creating new users through dialogs, campaigning, demonstrations etc. PRINCE will try to provide necessary help required in this regard.
  3. Carbon credits awarded for different solar projects are as under.
    • Solar Water Heaters, Metallic structure, standard model (125 LPD): 500
    • Solar Water Heaters, Plastic or other structure (125 LPD): 300
    • Parabolic Solar Cookers Domestic model (1.4 m dia.): 500
    • Parabolic Solar Cookers Community model (2.3 m dia.): 1000
    • Box Cooker: 200
    • Community Scheffler Cooker 10 sqm: 2000
    • Solar vegetable Dryers and industrial systems: 200 per sqm area.
    • Other domestic and industrial equipment: As per organiser's decision.
    • Any promotional activity carried out by participant for awareness programme: As per organizer's decision.

  4. Credit will be available for all solar gadgets in use in Dec. 2003 for the participants and all new users created by them from 1st Dec. 2003 to 31st Dec. 2004.
  5. All participants scoring above 10000 points will get certificate of honor.
  6. Organisers reserve the right to add/amend the clauses. Organiser's decision will be final and binding on all participants.

Aim of the competition is to prepare team of "Friends of Earth" and make the people aware of the immense benefit of the beautiful freely available solar technology. Your suggestions are welcome.


  1. Name & Address:
  2. Contact ph/mobile no.:
  3. Email: / Web:
  4. Existing Solar Gadgets in use. ( Please specify the name of the gadget, capacity, make etc).

I am willing to participate in SURYA-MITRA contest and will abide by the rules and regulations.


Participant no.: (Only for office use)

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